“Kim's team was especially notable for delivering well designed critical technology projects on schedule.”
John Bishop, Proprietary Trader

“Kim is a kind and considerate person, always eager to do a great job. Definitely a people-person. His talent for mathematics continue to astound me. That with very solid programming skills and the ability to understand business, he is a force to be reckoned with!”
Paul Rosenberg, Senior Developer at
Maven Wave Partners

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William K. Lyons
Technical Director, Website Development

Kim has a diverse background in technical development. With a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Brown University, Kim has had decades of experience in many programing languages (Visual Basic, PHP, C#, C++), database environments (T-SQL, MSSQL, MySQL, Postgres), and operating systems (Windows, Linux, Ubuntu). Recently, Kim has become interested in Content Management Systems (CMS) for web design. He has been working with Drupal (a popular web-development CMS platform) on systems to provide database functions and structural support for websites.

He began his professional career creating mathematical models of refining and petrochemical processes at UOP, Inc. in Des Plaines, Ill. He left UOP to participate as a principal in a consulting startup, where he gained substantial experience in refining and manufacturing control processes, custom-designed client/server application development, and database design and implementation.

During the past decade, Kim served as Director of Back Office Technology with Peak6 Investments, a mid-sized options trading firm in Chicago. He has lead or participated in the database design of diverse systems including clearing equity, options, futures, commodities and convertibles trading; electro-windings design and man-hour estimation; produce purchase and distribution to local restaurants; and a candy-order entry system. Since leaving the trading firm, he has been using Drupal to help trading advisors keep track of their trades and those of their clients.

Kim also specializes in mathematical models for marketing and engineering applications. For many years Kim worked with locally based US Cellular to develop models to help identify customers that are likely to “churn” (leave their service for a different provider), to rank proposed retail store locations, and to predict the effectiveness of proposed cell tower locations. These models have saved US Cellular many millions of dollars by reducing customer acquisition costs and store setup charges.



“I find beauty in creating classic design for publications and websites with huge numbers of words. I enjoy the challenges of integrating the design in a variety of print materials and web design.”

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