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Logo design: Defining your needs

A logo is a very concise form of communication. In an instant it becomes the definition of your organization, your event or your program.

This questionnaire not only helps me design the logo, it also helps you think about what you want and need in a logo, and what you and your audience’s expectations are. It also helps you think through and be definitive about symbolic elements, colors and fonts.

Some of these questions will deal with style, colors, feelings, emotional response. Answer these questions as best you can using some of the first images or words that come to mind. Remember that it is the audience’s
perceptions and needs that need to be met by the logo, not yours.

If you don’t know what you want your logo to communicate, then it is not possible to create a logo that communicates effectively. Similarly, if the decision makers for the final logo are not part of the initial discussion, it is not possible to create a logo that meets their needs.

Once the message and needs for the logo are clearly defined by desicion makers, I can create the image that evokes the messaging that you want to provide through the logo.

Download the Logo Design: Defining Your Needs questionnaire.