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Search Engine Optimization

A web site without SEO is like putting an ad in the paper without a phone number. Everyone who has an online presence is in need of this service. It's a simple fact, SEO is a part of having an online presence. Unless you are the only virtual storefront to offer the product or service you do, you will find yourself looking into SEO eventually in some form or another. SEO breaks down into two simple actions.

Content: The text, tags and images in your website.

How you display, how much you use, where you display each bit of text is vital. It's the "keyword weight" in your content that ultimately is scrutinized by search engine spiders to determine where you show up on those search engines with your keywords. There is a sweet spot that Google and other engines want to see and we find that particular sweet spot by comparing your keyword weight and content to your top ten (or more if needed) competitors. We then make changes to your site as needed to improve your rankings.

Link Building: The other item that will push your site to the top.

Building links to your site, taking advantage of only one-way inbound links, is where we get other sites to place a link to your site without you having to reciprocate the link (place a link back to their site on yours). We make sure that the PR value of these sites are higher than yours. Using your specific keywords as the anchor text, we make sure the sites pointing in to yours are related in some fashion, there are no more than so many links on the page where your link appears (no link farms), and the amount of links is built within a certain time frame.

What do you need from me?

How long does SEO and Link building take?
How long does advertising or marketing take? SEO is never finished, just like marketing is never finished. SEO and link building is an ongoing process. You can stop whenever you want, but your competitors probably won't, and eventually you will slide back down to where you started in the rankings.

There's no such thing as SEO in a hurry. If you're in a situation where your success depends on immediate search engine visibility via SEO, you should be looking at pay-per-click, not SEO. We can offer that by placing your site in a sponsored position on Google while working to improve your search engine positions naturally.

How long until I see results?
That depends on a few different factors. The obvious one is how much time you allow me to work on your project every month. Other factors include the keywords are we working with and how many competitors are trying the same thing. The size of your site (number of pages), number of inbound links when we start and the age of your site will also play into the time it will take. Some sites that have a lot of inbound links, but bad content, just need a content fix. When the content is fixed, results follow very quickly. When you have a great site but no links, then it generally takes a little longer. We recommend making content changes before starting the SEO link building process.

What kind of reports can I expect to receive?
Initially, three. The first one is called a benchmark report. This report outlines where you currently show up in the major search engines per keyword. As time progresses, we will rerun this report upon request to compare the results from the previous report. The second report is the SEO report, which details suggested site changes in order to improve your natural search engine positions for your keywords. The last report is a keyword research report, to make sure you're taking advantage of all of the keywords you possibly can choose from. The final report you will receive after we get started will be the link building reports, which shows the sites pointing to your site.

Where do you get the one way inbound links from?  
We start with the top PR8-3 directories, from there we start submitting your article to the top article houses on the net, like From there, we start forum postings, blog commenting, social bookmarking, etc. Again, all of the methods we use are NOT frowned upon by any search engine and have very high PR values.

How many links can you get me every month?
There is more than one answer to this question. Short answer, at the very least, 50+ a month from high PR sites, PR8-3. Long answer, how many you links you should bring in depends on how many you have now, how soon it was that you got those. If we jump from five inbound links a month to 10,000 a month, Google will penalize our ranking due to link spamming. We need to ease into how many we create and increase it slowly and naturally. The more time we scrape for potential related links to point to your site the better. We focus on quality, not quantity.